Comprehensive Wealth Services | Capital Investment Management

We believe the wealth management process should be all encompassing. Each area of a client’s financial life is closely tied to the other, and therefore having an understanding of just one area, does not serve the client in a way that promotes the greatest benefit. Aristotle’s famous saying, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” represents this concept very well. It is for this reason our financial planning and investment advisory services are all inclusive. Every client goes through our life-based wealth planning process to increase the likelihood of them achieving the greatest benefit possible while working with us.

Using one of the industry’s top performing financial planning software systems, Money Guide Pro, we are able to capture information such as client assets, earned income, current and projected expenses, current and projected tax income rates, debt, and of course the goals, needs, wants, wishes of clients. We then design customized strategies designed to help pursue these goals. This state of the art software allows us to create various scenarios and the likelihood of our clients achieving their stated goals.

Comprehensive Wealth Services | Capital Investment Management

How We Can Help

  • Design, implement and manage your unique investment strategy
  • Develop a budget & provide valuable guidance in managing your everyday finances
  • Craft a "Life Map" outlining your goals, needs wishes, and wants
  • Assess insurance needs and determine appropriate coverage
  • Develop a charitable giving plan or philanthropic initiative
  • Implement an effective estate plan
  • Educate your children in the areas of Finance and create an Education Funding Plan

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