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Our Investing Beliefs & Style

We believe serving you best involves a complete picture of you as an individual, therefore our focus will not rely solely on returns. Working closely with our clients to identify their life/financial goals addressing high priority areas such as vision, values, health, work, family, lifestyle, and financial comfort allows us crucial insight into what drives them in making some of life’s most important decisions. This style of engagement not only helps us with our understanding of the client, but also helps the client understand themselves, and provides them with a structured way of prioritizing their goals, needs, wants and wishes. Oftentimes, we find that these discussions drill down into areas our clients haven’t thought of before. They also bring differing views amongst significant others to the surface, and act as a strong mechanism for creating alignment between one another.

The investment plan is only as strong as the data and knowledge that goes into it. The Asset Class Investing philosophy we support is based on almost nine decades of data, analysis and research, insights from behavioral finance and close relationships with leading academics — including members, Dr. Meir Statman, Dr. Eugene Fama, and Nobel Laureate Dr. Harry Markowitz.

Our philosophy and investing style revolves around key principles:

  1. We don’t try to beat the market. We believe in letting the long-term growth potential of markets work for us by using strategic Asset Class investments that focus on delivering returns.
  2. We believe in financial science. Our investment committee focuses on “key factors of returns” (company size, relative price, profitability and momentum) when building portfolios.
  3. We believe in reducing risk wherever possible through the use of diversification, and investing in high quality short-term bonds to temper the volatile ups and downs the market can bring, as well as take advantage of the income they can offer.
  4. We believe in having a long-term perspective, which is why we look to behavioral research to help give us insights into investor’s emotions and tendencies during various market cycles.

We also believe our time is best spent serving you, the client. We foster a team approach through our relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors and our independent investment committee at Buckingham Strategic Partners. This structure allows for more time with clients, as well as supports the investing beliefs mentioned above.

Asset Class Investing, diversification, our belief in the theory of efficient markets, and our belief in the importance of tax efficiency and lower cost portfolios, are just some of the driving factors integrated into our investing approach. To learn even more, please visit our marketing material or give us a call!

Our approach is based on the collaborative efforts of academic leaders,
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