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Our Process

Our process is collaborative, comprehensive, and relationship-based. It is centered around our primary mission of serving you and your family by helping you identify and pursue your life’s goals. Based on 3 key initiatives: Design, Build & Protect, this life-based approach helps us design practical, real world solutions for our clients.

We believe serving you best involves having a complete picture of you as an individual, therefore our focus will not be solely on returns. We work closely with our clients to identify their life/financial goals addressing high priority areas such as vision, values, health, work, family, lifestyle, and financial comfort. We discuss and differentiate between needs, wants, and wishes, and then help our clients prioritize using a “Life Map.”

Once the root of the plan is in place, we design an investment plan consistent with these components, and the client’s risk tolerance.

The investment plan is built based upon a strong foundation of academic research, financial science, time tested data, and solid relationships with key partners who have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields.

Once the plan is in place, we implement a system whereby continuous monitoring and adjustments to the plan are made in accordance with client discussions, education and insights. 

Our plan is transparent and effective, and it all starts with YOU!

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About Our Firm

Our firm was formed from a strong desire to be on the same side of the table as our clients, where interests are aligned, expectations and intentions are clear, and results are mutually beneficial. Lillian and Michael Mulherin created this fee and relationship based business over 25 years ago, and the pillars supporting the business are the same today as they were when it all began.

Capital Investment Management fosters a strong commitment to providing outstanding financial services that are objective, comprehensive, and individualized. Our strategies grow from research, science, time tested data, and the belief in the theory of efficient markets.

At Capital Investment Management, we are passionate about sharing knowledge, and forging strong relationships that translate into effective and meaningful results for our clients.

Our Goal

Our goal is quite simply to serve you and your family by helping you
identify and achieve your life’s goals. Our atmosphere speaks volumes
about who we are, and who we serve. A quaint house with a beautiful
wrap around porch overlooking fields of green off a country road in
Howard County, Maryland is where Capital Investment Management
calls home. Discussing finances can be both an emotional and stressful
topic for people. We believe providing a relaxing environment for those
conversations helps relieve pressure from our clients giving them the
freedom to see the big picture, as well as new perspectives

We Can Help

  • Design, implement and manage your unique investment strategy
  • Develop a budget & provide valuable guidance in managing
    your everyday finances
  • Craft a “Life Map” outlining your goals, needs, wishes & wants, and embed customized strategies designed to help pursue them
  • View various scenarios & results based upon possible financial decisions
  • Assess insurance needs & determine appropriate coverage for you & your family
  • Develop a charitable giving plan or philanthropic initiative
  • Implement an effective estate plan
  • Educate your children in the areas of finance
  • Create an Education Funding plan

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