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<sup>Our Firm&#160;</sup><br/>We help families and <br/>individuals navigate the <br/>complex world of finance.<br/>

Our Firm 
We help families and
individuals navigate the
complex world of finance.

The investment plan is built based upon a strong foundation of academic research, financial science, time tested data, and solid relationships with key partners who have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields.

Once the plan is in place, we implement a system whereby continuous monitoring and adjustments to the plan are made in accordance with client discussions, education and insights.

Get To Know Us 
Meet the Team

Maureen D McShane&#160;<br/><sup>President &#38; CEO</sup>

Maureen D McShane 
President & CEO

Maureen graduated from Towson University with a degree in Education. However, after taking a position in the family company in 2003, she quickly gained a passion for finance and investing. Mentored by her father, a well respected veteran of the finance and investment world, Maureen has become an expert in the financial arena. In 2015, Maureen took on the role of President and CEO of Capital Investment Management, Inc. Her ambitious spirit, extensive knowledge in the field of finance & investing, strategic planning capabilities, and her ability to relate to and serve clients position her extremely well for this role.

Mitzi L. Jones&#160;<br/><sup>Advisor Associate</sup>

Mitzi L. Jones 
Advisor Associate

Mitzi knows what it takes to run a business and keep clients happy. As owner of Bowling Green Beef Farm in Sykesville, MD, she has had to wear many hats. She joined Capital Investment Management in 2016. Her attention to detail, creative ideas, and passion for helping others has made her a vital asset to the company. Whether it is talking with clients, performing administrative duties, or planning the next company event, she is always there when needed.

Our Process 
Who you work with makes a

Step 1: Discovery Call

Begin the process with us on evaluating our services and beliefs immediately on the first call.  We are dedicated to becoming your most trusted advisor.

Step 2: Build Your Plan

It is crucial to create a financial plan that seeks to protect your needs now, and that plans for the future, in a tax-efficient manner.

Step 3: Enjoy Life

Feel secure knowing that you have collaborated in a plan developed specifically for you and your goals.

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